Upcoming Bioinformatics Workshops

 Machine Learning and Computational Biology Book/Journal Club

Introduction to bioinformatics (QC, alignment, RNAseq, Denovo Assembly) 22-25 June 2020

Data Visualisation using Circos 3 February 2020

Phylogenetic Trees: Back to Basics November 8th and December  4th, 2019; 1-4 pm 

Introduction to Bioinformatics Workshop 30 September - 4 October 2019

Scalable Bioinformatics workflow using Snakemake and Nextflow 25-26 September 2019 

Introduction to Python programming 28 March 2019

Introduction to the command line and Unix shell 1 March 2019

Bioinformatics workshop 5-7 November 2018

We meet fortnightly to discuss a journal article, book chapter, or to do hands-on programming challenges.

We are currently reading Machine Learning with R (Second Edition ) by Brett Lantz. 
We are currently reading : 

Modern Statistics for Modern Biology

Susan Holmes, Wolfgang Huber

Get in touch to join in!

Teaching commitments (2018-2020)

We teach bioinformatics and genomics units.

BIO2010 (formerly BIO3011) - Data Science for Biologists

BIO3010 - Applied Bioinformatics (coordinator)

FSC5070 - Future Food Supply and Security

BIO2030 -  Food Security

ADS001 - Applied Data Science (Mentor)

Bioinformatics Education & Training affiliations

Sonika Tyagi has been on national and international steering of Bioinformatics learning, education and training:

  1. Education Committee of Monash School of Biological Sciences [2020]
  2. Steering Committee at Life Science Trainers [2019-]
  3. Education Committee of International Society for Computational Biology (ISCB) [July 2019 -present]
  4. Monash University Data Fluency steering [ March 2018 - present]
  5. Chair 'Standards committee' at the Global Organization of Bioinformatics Learning Education and Training (GOBLET).  [May 2017-Nov2018]
  6. Life Science Bioschema specification contributor [2018-]
  7. Member education sub-committee of Australian Bioinformatics and Computational Biology Society (ABACBS). [2016 - present]
  8. Training area coordination at the EMBL-Australia Bioinformatics Resource (EMBL-ABR). [2016-2019]
  9. BPA national bioinformatics training [2012- present]

Access to High-Performance Computing at Monash

            Monarch cluster

            M3 Cluster

Shared coding resources accessible at Monash

  1. Python coding : google collaborator

  2. use R :  Rstudio cloud

  3. Version control: git lab and gitpod

Selected Learning Resources & Workshops Contributions:

  1. Introduction to Bioinformatics (via BPA Training Platform)

  2. Advancing the international data science workforce through shared training and education

  3. Cancer Genomics

  4. Registries in Bioinformatics

  5. Best practices in Data Life Cycle

  6. Four simple recommendations to encourage best practices in research software

  7. RAD-seq with Stacks in Galaxy